Lizard State “AB”&“CD”

Packaging for the vinyl edition of the 1st EP of the Garage-Rock band Lizard State.

French Garage-Rock trio ‘Lizard State’ was putting out in 2017 its first EP as a double-7 inch vinyl, entitled as the four sides of the discs: AB and CD. The group takes inspiration both in the 60s’ Rhythm’n’Blues and the bands from the 2000s (Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, The Mallard…) to lay down pop melodies on a swampy Rock, between Garage and Psychedelic.

They came to me in the early 2017 to design an album cover that was meant to be used on a poster as well, in order to advert an upcoming tour all across the country. But when the budget for design was cut, the band was forced to change the brief and to ask me only for a cover.

I was aware that the Garage and Psychedelic Rock have a long love story with Graphic Design and especially with posters. This is why, with the client, we quickly realized the situation: there’s no such thing as a Garage band without a poster! This is why I suggested to design an album packaging, that was both a cover and a poster.

Since the band gave me an absolute freedom for the artwork, I had to set my own rules. After a few research, I focused on the meaning of the expression “Lizard State”, that refers to the Reptilian complex.

In the evolution theory, the Homo Sapiens owns a Reptilian brain. It is the core of the brain that we have in common with the animals. It’s also the place where origins all of the primitive behaviors: impulsions, gut decisions, anger, intuitions… Only after this state, the Neocortex took shape around the Lizard Brain and now takes care of the language, communication and reflexion. I decided to offer a visualization of this moment when the animal inside of us is surfacing and the average Human, even evolved, can sometimes find its primitive nature back and only be driven by its Lizard brain.