Rebranding of the filmmaking and production company with a brand new logo, identity, bespoke font, website and a stop-motion.

Initially formed in Montpellier, South of France, Lesterfilm settled in Paris 10 years ago. Having produced a lot of films, documentaries, commercials, music and live videos, they came to me in January 2017 for a full rebranding of the company.
Since they didn’t want to radically break up with the past, we chose to rework the old logo, that used the initials ‘LF’ as a brand stamp. I re-designed it using the idea of the découpage, very present in all of the steps of a movie making: from the expression ‘Cut!’ to the act of cutting the film rolls that were assembled manually in the golden age of the cinema, through the ‘découpage’, sort of a big document bringing together all of the technical indications and at which all of the crew can relate to. It resulted in a very elegant and laid-back shape with a strong idea of réserve, but humble enough to follow on from the former logo.

All of the identity uses this negative-positive notion. From the business cards to the website pages. I designed for it a bespoke font, also inspired by the cutting shapes of the logo. It gets along with the Futura light and meticulously picked photos reporting the work on sets; showing altogether the subjets, the team and the hardware. I also worked very wisely on the cohabitation of the black and white photos with the colored ones, giving them a fine grain, a strong contrast and warm saturation inspired by the Kodak Ektachrome films.