Livre d’accueil de l’Hôtel Louis 2

Limited-edition book for the Louis 2, a four-stars hotel on the Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris.

© Crédit photo : Sophie Delaporte

The hotel Louis 2 is situated in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, landmark of the French music, cinema and literature. It is located near the Latin quarter, the Café de Flore and close
 to a lot of Parisian monuments and luxury stores. The building dates back to the XVIIth century, and is named after Louis II, the prince des Bourbons, cousin of Louis XIV.

Back in 2015, the manager of the hotel came to me to create a customers loyalty, encourage them to come back every year, to help them becoming a place their guests can really call a “home”.

Instead of an advertising campaign, I chose to act softly, creating a rare (only 45 copies needed), delicate, and precious book aimed to whisper the brand identity to the guests.

Placed on the coffee table in every one of the 21 rooms and suites, it attempts to welcome 
the guests is a soft and comfortable mood. The cover’s ivory tint matches perfectly the wooden, red, blue and golden swatches of the interior, while softening the gilded logotype on the top center of the cover.

This book brings together techniques from all ages: the logotype on the cover was printed with gold dust on a 1920 FAG press, the binding made by hand as well, while the inner pages use the cutting-edge HP Indigo technology.

This is how we managed to craft an object that combines past and future. What I care the most about in this kind of process—besides the unique aspect of each one of the copies—is to use some antique techniques, not because they are vintage, but actually to bring up what is contemporary within them. If this book is the product of good design, stunning printing techniques and a careful manufacturing, it is thanks to a great communication between me, the printer, and all of the people who came in its making.