Communication du défilé de la collection « Trialité », créée par Laura Frank à l’occasion de la cérémonie d’ouverture des championnats d’Europe d’escrime 2014.

For the 2014 European Fencing Championship, The designer Laura Frank has imagined the Triality collection, that consists in 20 ready-to-wear female outfits inspired by the fencing clothes, through a triptych of metaphorical characters that symbolize the 3 major chapters of the fight: le dreamer, the fighter and the victorious. These three entities split three phases in the catwalk, and three times in the modern woman’s day: the morning when she is calm and pensive, preparing herself for the afternoon spent fighting, towards the evening where she dress fancily to celebrate her victory.

I work with Laura Frank in order to give a graphic incarnation of her pieces. It resulted in an Art Direction that works with a web of thin metallic-colored lines, and a profusion of white with overexposed pictures.
The advertising of the event worked with a print posters campaign, a bunch of flyers and leaflets and a lot of web pics for the digital part. Then, for the 40 invitees and the VIPs, I designed a fancy invitation, printed with silver dust on a thick Arches black paper with a FAG antique press. Photographies were taken by Sophie Weiss, assisted by the blogger Nina Weiss. The catwalk was choreographed by Emeline Clerc, and the modeling realized by Maria Lopes-Rogrigues.